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kids with alopecia

What is Alopecia?

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What is Alopecia?

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Give your child an active role in deciding what treatment to try. When looking at treatments for your child you need to make sure that you discuss it with them first. Many children seem happy not to try treatments and will get on with life as if nothing has happened.

Make sure you discuss with your child what is involved (or may be involved) in trying a treatment. Some treatments involve several trips to the doctors, injections, itchy skin and don't forget some treatments will have side effects.

If your child would like to try a treatment for alopecia make sure that you talk to the doctor about it's suitability for children as some treatments are not recommended for children. Make sure both yourself and your child knows what's involved in using this treatment, the side effects and of course its effectiveness. Some treatments can help but there is no known cure for alopecia and the treatment you try may be of no help at all.

Covering up - or not Give your child a say over whether they cover up, or choose not to. While, as an adult, you may feel strongly that your child may be victimized for having hair loss, it may not be the case for small children. Wigs can be very hot and uncomfortable, and simply too much bother for young children.

Follow their lead, listen to their comments about school to detect any concerns but overall do give them an active role in deciding how they wish to deal with their hair loss.

Naturally, on sunny days, all children should be encouraged to wear a hat!