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What is Alopecia?

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“CAP KIDS RULE” - Wigs for Kids is a not-for-profit organization providing hair replacement solutions for children affected by hair loss due to alopecia and other medical conditions. Wigs for Kids helps children suffering from hair loss look themselves and live their lives.

We Desire To Create A Smile On The Face Of A Child

You might not want to wear a wig. They can be hot and uncomfortable. You could try head scarves or bandanas, hat hair or just a hat. You could go for a bare head.

Disguising patchy hair loss
If you have patchy hair loss, you can help to disguise this simply by the way you wear your hair. Try experimenting by wearing your hair differently, such as changing the parting, tying it back in different ways,

using grips or slides. A different hair style could help in making the patches less obvious - your hairdresser should be able to advise you.

There are also sprays on the market that have the effect of thickening the remaining hair, which can help to conceal patchy hair loss. Using an eyebrow pencil or colored spray similar in color to your hair on the bald areas can also help to conceal the patches. These can be obtained from most wig companies.

Bare Heads
It's up to you to choose whether or not to cover up. Deciding not to cover up is a really positive choice for some people. Just think of Matt Lucas, then try to imagine him with hair! It's amazing how easily we get used to other people's bare heads.

Although it might be a bit scary the first time, the good side is that taking the plunge may actually give your confidence a real boost. Some people say they feel proud, brave, liberated, beautiful, unique! However, going bare is not right for everyone with alopecia and the most important thing is that you make your choice and you're happy with that.

The first time you go out with a bare head, give yourself a treat of some kind afterwards. The first time, might be easy! But it might be the most difficult. Having some kind of treat to look forward to is always a good way to get through anything you feel a bit nervous about.

Dealing with other people's reaction
Some people might not know that you have alopecia and might not know how to react. It helps to have an answer ready for any questions, you could try "I have alopecia, a condition that causes my hair to fall out".

Use whatever you feel comfortable with and that fits the situation. Be yourself, and be proud of who you are.
The advantages of bare heads
* Swimming - you'll be the most aerodynamic person in the pool
* Feeling the wind on your head
* Running - you'll cool down much quicker than your friends
* No need to worry about your wig falling off and being found out
* No need to boil under a weave

Watch out for sun burn!
If it's sunny remember to use lots of high factor sun cream where you used to have hair. It won't be used to getting sunshine and will burn easily.

Caps and Hats, Hair clips, Bandanas
Bandanas work really well and are a great fashion accessory and you can get them in any color or design."

Go for the 1950's retro look, and wear a headscarf. It's a very feminine look, and wouldn't be looked at twice, when you consider the "vintage" fashion style at the moment. Trendy! A long scarf looks great tied around your head, it hangs down your back and looks kind of indie. You can also tie it up into a bun at the back.

Boys Beanies
Beanies are just brilliant for the winter, being both warm and practical. Beanies look cool if pulled low - check out Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. If you don't have eyebrows or eyelashes and want to cover up a bit, a low beanie is a no fuss way to do it.

Caps are brilliant at any time and never go out of fashion. They also have the added advantage of being tightened so you can wear them during sports and other activities.

Caps are great but many have gaps in the back so it may be more difficult to wear one if you want to cover up patches at the back of your head.

Caps and beanies are available in every color. Many have cool messages and statements or you can get one with your favorite band or teams logo.

Girls Beanies and Berets
Look cool and chic and you can get one to go with every outfit.

Berets only offer a bit of head cover, which might be just right if your hair is a little patchy. They need to be clipped on a windy day so they may not be the best choice if you want to cover total hair loss.

Beanies and berets are available in every color and are knitted, crocheted, sequined, fleecy, furry and everything in between!

You can get amazing clips and headbands and use them or use make-up and people will notice it more than your hair if you wear a headband - as long as you feel good.

There are all sorts of funky wigs available, some for free from the National Health Service (NHS) and some that can be bought from wig makers

Free wigs
In order to get a prescription for an NHS wig you will need to see a dermatologist who will be able to write a prescription. Your GP would need to refer you to a dermatologist.
There are three types of wigs that can be prescribed.

Full head Synthetic wigs
As a child, you are entitled to two synthetic wigs a year. You do not have to get two identical wigs if you do not wish and you do not have to get them at the same time although this is usually recommended. Each wig is designed to last six months but you might find that you will need a new one sooner.

Full head custom-made human hair wigs
Human hair wigs are not prescribed on the NHS unless you are allergic to acrylic wigs or have a skin condition that will be made worse by an acrylic wig.

Partial human hair wig
As with the above, partial human hair wigs are not prescribed on the NHS unless you are allergic to acrylic wigs or have a skin condition that will be made worse by an acrylic wig. These are particularly good if you do not suffer from complete hair loss and do not wish to wear a full wig.

Buying a wig
There are a number of options for wigs, though someone has to pay for it! Show this information to your parents or guardian so that they have all the information they need to explore buying a wig, if they're able.

Some of these wigs can be purchased over the internet, most from wig shops, but some of the special wigs that are custom made such as the net hand knotted, dermalite and vacuum wigs may need you to visit a wigmaker and have two or three fittings as the wig is being made.

Wigs can be made with real hair or alternatively with synthetic fibers.

Real hair wigs tend to be more expensive but usually last longer and can feel cooler than synthetic wigs, particularly in the summer. They need to be styled after washing as you would a normal head of hair.

Synthetic wigs are available in many different styles and they bounce back to that style after washing. The fibers in a synthetic wig can be damaged by overheating, for example if you were to open an oven door.

Real hair or synthetic fibers are sewn or tied into a foundation, that should fit snugly to your head.